Black Label Basics Kitchen Dispenser Set

Black Label Basics Kitchen Dispenser Set

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    Keep things tidy + beautiful with this perfect kitchen soap dispenser set. Our Black Label Basics Set includes two dispensers and 2 Complimentary Labels ; one for hand soap + one for dish soap. Each generously sized soap dispenser features attractive food grade black BPA free soap pumps. Simply fill + refill for a beautiful touch to the kitchen sink.

    • Set of 2 Amber Glass Dispensers
    • 2 FREE Labels are included with each set (1 Hands + 1 Dishes Label)
    • BPA Free - Attractive + Durable Black Soap Pumps
    • Each Soap Dispenser Measures 8 1/4 Tall + 3 Inches in Diameter
    • Each amber dispenser houses approx. 16 fluid ounces 
    • Fill + Refill with your Favorite Dish Soap + Hand Soap 
    • Water proof + Soap Proof ; simply gently rinse and wipe for easy clean up
    • Please note : Labels do not arrive applied //
    • Use unlabeled dispensers for a variety of uses : Shampoo, Conditioner, Face wash, Lotion, Sanitizer + More!
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