Glass Spray Bottle w/ Black Spray Nozzle + Chalkboard Label

Glass Spray Bottle w/ Black Spray Nozzle + Chalkboard Label

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    Our glass cleaner spray bottle with black spray nozzle is perfect for natural cleaners, vegetable washes, and beauty treatments and features a removable and reusable chalkboard label. The chalkboard label is a convenient (and attractive) way to label your cleaners, natural solutions or for labeling it with its designated room (like the bath). Chalkboard labels are removal-able and are made of vinyl making them perfect for wetter areas. Glass cleaner bottle arrives with an attached label and coordinating black spray nozzle.

    Use for Watering Plants, DIY Linen Sprays, Homemade Cleaners, DIY Room Fresheners, Ironing Sprays, Starch spray, Shower Cleaner Sprays, Non Toxic Bug Sprays, Counter Spray, Garden Insecticide, Homemade Disinfecting spritzer, Fruit and Vegetable Wash Spray, Homemade Glass Cleaner, Non Toxic Pet Sprays for Odors + Fleas, Yoga Mat Cleaners and More!

    • Spray Bottle Stores Approx. 16 fluid oz.
    • BPA Free Black Spray Nozzle with two spray options; Spray + Stream 
    • Removable Blank Chalkboard Label
    • Clear Refillable Lead-Free Glass
    • Fill + Refill with your Favorite Homemade Cleaner, Linen Spray or Water
    • Measures approx. 9 inches tall (with nozzle) x 3 inches diameter
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