Just Sprayers - Set of 3

Just Sprayers - Set of 3

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    This set of 3 replacement spray triggers are available in black or clear and offers two spray options ; stream and spray and a locking option. Our full size spray nozzles fit all RAIL19 spray bottles (not mist). If fitting for a base other than RAIL19 spray bottles, please use our cap test for fitting.

    • Replacement Spray Triggers Sold in Sets of 3
    • Spray Nozzle Available in Black or Clear
    • Spray Nozzle Trigger Features Two Options ; Spray + Stream
    • When measuring Rail19 Just Sprayers , if a 2 liter soda cap fits, so will our sprayers. While we cannot guarantee it will fit due to the varying thread counts on different bases; the 2-liter rule is 99% accurate.
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