​Foaming vs. Non-foaming Soap: Which One is Better For Washing Your Hands?

Posted by RAIL19 on Aug 18th 2020

​Foaming vs. Non-foaming Soap: Which One is Better For Washing Your Hands?

Foaming vs. Non-foaming Soap: Which One is Better For Washing Your Hands?

Many businesses and other public areas are increasingly turning to foaming soap over liquid soap due to its cost-effectiveness: studies have shown that people use about 16% less water on average when washing with foam soap, leading to huge water savings. Additionally, foaming soap takes less soap to create foaming soap. 

How Does Foaming Soap Work?

Foaming soap starts in its container as a liquid. When someone pumps the container, air is injected into the liquid, creating the foam.

As a result, foaming soap also cuts costs by using less liquid while still looking like you have a lot of soap in your hands. 

Foaming Vs. Non-foaming Soap

Foam soap may be cheaper, but it turns out that liquid soap is much more effective at killing germs. In one study, researchers found that liquid hand soap caused a statistically significant drop in germs on the hand. Foaming soap also decreased the amount of germs present on the subjects’ hands, but by a smaller margin.

The researchers suspect that liquid soap was more effective for two reasons. Firstly, it comes out un-lathered — the washer must lather their hands up, leading to a more complete coverage of the hands with soap.

The other reason is the amount of soap that comes out. Foam soap is a bit misleading — a lot less soap comes out than what meets the eye, thanks to the air injection to create the foam.

In conclusion, it appears that non-foaming liquid soap is more effective at killing germs. But, foaming soap is more cost effective when making your own and saves more water ; both making a positive impact on the environment. 

What ever happened to bar soap?

Germs can grow on bar soap and easily spread from one person to another and has fell waste side when it comes to washing hands for the purpose of washing germs. 

Antibacterial Soap

According to the FDA, research finds that anti-bacterial soap is no more effective than plain soap in killing germs on your hands or body. 

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