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Apothecary Frosted Glass Mist Bottle with Metal Aluminum Mist Nozzle

Apothecary Frosted Glass Mist Bottle with Metal Aluminum Mist Nozzle

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    Our frosted glass mist bottle with silver metal mist spray nozzle will keep your favorite misting sprays beautifully tidy and organized. Smooth clean lines and This small frosty white glass mister bottle will come in handy for a variety of uses and offers a clean and eco friendly way to store. 

    • Frosted Mist Bottle Stores Approx. 8 fluid oz.
    • Silver Aluminum Metal Mist Nozzle
    • Frosted Glass Base
    • Lock / Unlock Feature ; misting trigger features a locking button to prevent trigger from accidental spraying
    • Fill with your favorite homemade linen sprays, essential oils, or water
    • Sold Individually
    • Measures 6 1/2 inches tall (with mist nozzle) x 2 1/4 inches diameter 

    Our Glass Mist Bottles offer a variety of uses. From DIY linen sprays and homemade cleaners to simple plant water sprays and essential oil storage. Because our glass bottle can be sterilized, refilled, and used again and again, they are the perfect solution for storing and spraying : 

    Personal Care

    • Make up Brush Cleaners
    • DIY Poo Sprays
    • Natural Hair Sprays
    • Hair Detangle
    • Face Mist
    • DIY After bath sprays
    • Essential oil storage
    • Body Oil Sprays
    • Surf Sea Spray
    • Tanning Sprays / Tanning Oil Sprays
    • Spray deodorant
    • Natural DIY Perfume
    • Natural bug repellent 
    • DIY Self Tanner
    • DIY Dry Shampoo spray
    • Natural Deodorant spray
    • Leave in Conditioner Sprays
    • Foot Care Sprays
    • Hair Moisturizing Sprays


    • Pet Groomers - De-tangle sprays, pet fresheners, cleaners, pet training
    • Hair Salons - Conditioner Sprays, water Spray for haircuts, facial mist, tool cleaners
    • Gyms - Equipment cleaners, cost effecting homemade cleaners
    • Yoga - Mat cleaners, natural cleaning sprays for bathrooms and lockers 
    • Tanning Salons - Tanning bed cleaners, tanning sprays
    • Art - Clean up sprays, natural spray bottle painting, Homemade sidewalk chalk spray


    • Watering Plants ( like herbs, succulents, and specialty plants)
    • DIY Linen Sprays
    • Homemade Cleaners
    • DIY Room Fresheners 
    • Ironing Sprays / Starch spray
    • Shower Cleaner Spray / refresher
    • Natural Pest Sprays / Non Toxic Bug Sprays
    • Counter Spray
    • Garden Insecticide 
    • Homemade Disinfecting spritzer
    • Fruit and Vegetable Wash Spray
    • Homemade Glass Cleaner
    • Non Toxic Pet Sprays for Odors + Fleas
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