​Natural Body Wash DIY Recipe

Posted by Rail19 on Mar 28th 2017

You can feel good about what you use on your skin when you know what ingredients are in those products. A natural body wash will not only clean your body, but it will moisturize and hydrate your skin. Many homemade recipes are even good for sensitive skin. SuppliesHoney, the secret ingredient to keep your skin healthy and smoothLiquid castile soap, provides the suds for cleansing without using chemicals; choose unscented if you want to add your own essential oilsOil, provides the moisturizing pr
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A Daily Gathering Spring Workshop + Rail19

Posted by Rail19 on May 1st 2016

Rail19 teamed up with A Daily Gathering Spring Workshop Day this past Saturday where students learned how to make natural cleaning products. Photography credit : Sweet Root Village / @sweetrootvillage.
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Natural Pet Insect Repellent Spray Recipe

Posted by Rail19 on Mar 23rd 2016

Dealing with fleas and ticks on your pets can be a challenge. If they have sensitive skin or you have allergies to certain products, the problem can seem insurmountable. However, natural products you make yourself can provide relief for your pet while being safe for you and your family.Supplies Glass Spray BottleWaterApple cider vinegarLemon oil or garlic oilLemon juiceYou can make your own lemon oil by heating one cup of olive oil and the rinds from two lemons in a sauce pan for twenty minutes
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Natural Foam Soap DIY Recipe

Posted by Rail19 on Mar 13th 2016

Foaming soap is ideal for anyone who likes a lot of lather when they wash their hands. And because it comes out of a bottle, it can be more sanitary than sharing a bar of soap ; its especially more sanitary if the soap dispenser is glass. Making your own natural foam soap ensures no chemicals are included because you are selecting your ingredients.The recipe below is simple and fast for even a beginner. It’s non-toxic, which is ideal for anyone with kids. Because it’s biodegradable, it’s eco-fri
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