DIY Halloween Soap Dispensers | RAIL19

Posted by RAIL19 on Sep 22nd 2017

Decorating for Halloween is a treat. Setting out scary pumpkins on the porch and decorating the table with a ghoulish theme is all part of the holiday fun. Family + guests love the fun decor ; especially at that upcoming Halloween party. To keep your kitchen sink and bathroom sink Halloween ready, we have created this fun and easy Halloween Soap Dispenser DIY.  Here's what you'll need :RAIL19 Glass Soap Dispensers Avery 8 1/2" x 11" Glossy Clear Sticker Project Paper (4397) -
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4 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom This Summer

Jun 13th 2017

Reviving a timeworn bathroom doesn’t require a total overhaul and refreshing the overall look can start with something as small as adding new fixtures to large projects such as tiling and wallpapering. If you are looking for an affordable way to bring some life back into your bathroom, just consider these bathroom elements.Soap DispensersUpdating your bathroom dispensers is painless and very inexpensive! Rail19 offers a variety of handmade, sustainable, vintage styles and colors guaranteed t
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Glass Mouthwash Dispenser | Pour Spout Dispenser for Mouth Wash - Video Demonstration

Posted by Rail19 on Jun 9th 2017

RAIL19's Large Recycled Glass Dispenser with Self Pour Spout + our Small Recycled Glass Dispenser with Self Pour Spout (available in gold and silver) are a customer favorite. This dispenser is versatile and food safe, making it the perfect choice for a mouthwash dispenser. While you can use it as a cooking oil dispenser and bath oil dispenser, mouthwash seems to be a popular choice. Ever wonder how RAIL19's self pour spout works? We've made a quick video demonstration to show you!&n
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DIY Cologne Gift For Father’s Day

Jun 7th 2017

Treat the special man in your life to a homemade cologne spray this Father’s Day! To get started, you’ll need a few key ingredients and supplies. A mist bottle, such as this one, is the first item on your list. Second, you’ll need to gather a few essentials oils. Depending on your preference, you can use a few different blends to create the perfect scent. Our favorite blend consists of cypress, marjoram, tea tree and wintergreen. Next, you’ll need to find your base. Witch hazel and vegetable gly
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Kitchen Sink Soap Dispensers

Posted by Rail19 on Jun 5th 2017

Soap Dispensers are often thought to only adorn bathroom sinks, but with new farmhouse sinks and butcher block countertops, a plastic bottle of soap may not be the best finishing touch. Glass soap dispensers can enhance the look of a kitchen sink. Keep things lovely, by choosing a coordinating pump. Stainless pumps for stainless hardware, copper pumps for copper hardware, chrome with chrome etc. Coordinate soap colors to your kitchen and kitchen decor and color. For instance, if your kitche
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